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In the recent years Internet has become overtly commercialized. Agree or disagree?

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The internet has, for a long time, provided a way in which people can find any type of information that they require. It has completely revolutionized the way in which humankind operates. In the beginning, the most important use of the internet was for research, to find whatever information was required. Nowadays, there are more commercials than information, or the commercials are embedded in the information. I could say that I agree with this statement, even though I think that it would not be fair to those who use the internet to make a living. Without the commercials that are found on the internet, many people would not have a way of earning in these tough economic times.

The truth is that the internet has, in fact, become overtly commercialized in recent years, more so for the people who have a problem navigating through the commercials. Because of the way in which the ads are strategically placed inside the articles, which impart information, they are bound to pop up if you mistakenly click on one of them. When someone decide to look for a particular item on the internet, it is easy to become distracted by other, sometimes interesting, information that also becomes available. There are so many advertisements, that it poses a difficulty in remaining focused.

Even though the overt commercialization of the internet provides a means to feed families and pay bills, consideration should at least be given to the users of the internet and especially to those who are not familiar with the techniques that help to stop or prevent the pop-ups while they surf for their information.

Sample of Nursing Research Thesis

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Nursing Research Thesis

Research Question:

What are the main drivers to choose private vs. public nursing for people with average income of up to four minimum salaries in the state of Texas? The research is focused around this question with the main aim to get more accurate forecasting of administrative expenses for public nursing houses.

Aims and Objectives:

The purpose of this document is to introduce the reader into the reasonsobjective and value of the research on private and public nursing and present the findings and recommendations for practical application of the research in community. The objective of the research is to find out the trend and main drivers for middle class American persons to choose between private and public nursing services. This will make a significant contribution to the forecasting and cost-efficiency of public nursing houses due to better understanding of the community needs.

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Sample of Research Paper Turabian Format

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Sample of research paper (turabian format)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is designed to assist employees and their family members with substance abuse, family problems or mental disorders. Employee’s trust and awareness about the program is the key for EAP’s successful implementation and application in the company. Based on the fact that HR managers play a major role in providing employeeswith the information about their rights, obligations and opportunities in the company, they inevitably become responsible forfacilitating the EAPs.

What is the Role of HR Manager in Implementing and Facilitating Employee Assistance Programs?

This paper is based on the research study. Thе rеsеаrch proposаl will study еmployее аssistаncе progrаm, аgе, job lеvеl, gеndеr, аnd lеngth of еmploymеnt to dеtеrminе if workforcеs аrе bеing utilizеd еffеctivеly with rеgаrd to еmployее аssistаncе progrаm. This rеsеаrch will hеlp locаl compаniеs to еvаluаtе how to achieve mаrkеting objеctivеs in a better way.

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What is Plagiarism?

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What is Plagiarism

As Gabriel (2010) said, most commonly plagiarism means publication of another author’s work or ideas and representing it as one’s own creation, as well as borrowing fragments of someone else’s work without indicating the original source. It is important to highlight, that a common sign of plagiarism is stealing another author’s copyright since unlawful use, publishing, and copying are not considered to be plagiarism, but piracy.

According to Kestler (n.d.), generally, there distinguish three basic forms of plagiarismcopying verbatim; copying verbatim, but with acknowledgements included; and inappropriate paraphrasing. Copying verbatim means word-to-word copying of another person’s ideas, expressed in sentences or paragraphs without an appropriate reference. Copying verbatim with acknowledgements addition is word-to-word copying with appropriate referencing, however, without including a phrase or paragraph in quotes. At last, wrongful paraphrasing occurs when another author’s words are slightly changed and presented as one’s own work.

Thus, plagiarism has turned from a simple solution of problems to a landmine anybody can step on. To avoid being accused of plagiarism, just follow a set of rules:

  • Check parts of your work with plagiarism-checking software in order for it not to resemble any other work. If it finds similarity, apply alterations.
  • Always put abstracts of other people’s works into quotation marks; if you refer to another work, always mention it and its author.
  • If your paper is based on another work, always apply changes sufficient for them to at least look differently.
  • Don’t quote too often; although your work is supposed to be based on some ground, you may be denounced of having no thoughts of your own.

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Essay Writing Tips

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Spelling Mistakes in Essay Writing

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Many students complain that the English language boasts of the most unpredictable spelling in the world. However, numerous linguistic studies prove that it is actually not true: only about 400 words in English have the spelling that does not follow any rule.

That is the good news! The bad news is that these 400 are the most widely used and the rest of the rules must be learned by heart in order to write correctly.

Here are the most commonly used spelling rules, which can make your life a lot easier:

  • Usually write -i before -e (like in friendbelieve, etc.); however, write -ei after -c (receive) and when it sounds like a (weightheir, etc.).
  • If a word ends in a silent -e, drop it before adding a suffix starting with a vowel (bite – biting) and use it when the suffix starts with a consonant (use – useful).
  • When a word ends in -y preceded by a consonant, change -y into -i before adding a suffix (beauty – beautifultry – tried).
  • When a word ends in one vowel and one consonant, double the final consonant when adding a suffix (swim – swimmer)

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